Scrip Gift Card FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions for the Scrip Gift Card Program 

Q: What’s the catch?
 There is no catch! All that is required is a little pre-planning added to your normal shopping or gift routine in order to obtain your card when you’re ready to shop.

Q: Do the Gift Cards have expiration dates?
 Gift cards do not expire. They are just like using cash or any pre-paid debit card.

Q: Am I paying an extra fee when I buy a Gift Card through Pride of Kentucky?
 No, you pay the exact face value of the gift card you order. The only extra cost you would ever incur would be shipping & handling if we are mailing your order to you.

Q: Can I specify the denomination I want to purchase?
 Each vendor specifies the pre-determined gift card amounts available they offer in this program. Some fast food retailers offer gift cards beginning at $5. Most other retailers offer $25 or $100 gift card increments. Review the vendor list or contact our Gift Card Coordinator for more specifics on gift card amounts.

Q: I need a gift card immediately for a gift. How quickly can I receive it?
 Contact our Gift Card Coordinator to discuss your need. We stock a variety of the most popular gift cards at all times and in most cases, non-stocking orders can be received within just a few days.

Q: I shop at Kroger. Is Kroger a Gift Card Vendor in this program?
 Pride of Kentucky Chorus earns a 4% rebate directly from Kroger for every dollar you spend at Kroger Grocery or Gas Stations, but the Kroger Community Rewards Program is an even better way to help Pride of Kentucky when you do your everyday shopping!  Click here to review the Kroger program, or send a message to our Kroger Chairperson today.

Q: Can I pay for my Gift Cards with a credit card?
 No, unfortunately we are only able to accept cash or checks for Gift Card purchases.

Q: How can you offer this kind of program?
 More than fifteen thousand non-profit organizations across the country are taking advantage of this type of gift card (or scrip) fundraising program. As a non-profit organization, Pride of Kentucky is also able to participate.  We would love your support!

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